• BlackBox [HIDE DEVICE X08]


      BlackBox is a M4L audio effect based on an algorithm of real-time granular synthesis. The device implements a bluring and overdrive effect on chain. Some modules for xy parameters’ modulations are integrated. The core algorithm is implemented in Gen~. A preset collection is available to guide you into the device’s exploration. Version 1.0 July 2022 tested w. Live 11.1.1 / Max…

    • Gr4imulator [HIDE DEVICE RX06]


      Gr4imulator is an exclusive granular instrument developed by Daniele Fabris (Leden). It is based on an auto-retriggered algorithm of granular synthesis. A four-voices synthesiser based on the principle of quasi-synchronous granular synthesis. It creates a constant stream o crossfading sections of the source sample. The pitch, read position, windowing and playback speed of each grain can be modulated to create…

    • Hpeggiator [HIDE DEVICE X10]


      Hpeggiator is designed to expand the limits of a classic arpeggiator. It doesn’t have a speed limit and it features three modes: normal, range and slow. The arpeggio direction can be modified. while the gate parameter adjusts the length of the outgoing notes. Hpeggiator features both increments by steps and in chord mode, it does feature a sequencer. The variable…

    • Iterate [HIDE DEVICE X14]

      100% 3,90 Original price was: €3,90.Current price is: €0,00.

      Iterate is a fully mappable free-rate stutter device that utilizes a pared down version of granular synthesis to capture a single grain of variable size that can then be manipulated via grain rate and pitch, acting as both a software analog to the SP-404 DJ FX Looper and a less predictable sibling of Ableton’s beat-synced beat repeat. Developed by Seraphim…

    • Krynn [HIDE DEVICE X09]

      100% 4,90 Original price was: €4,90.Current price is: €0,00.

      Krynn is a multiband stereo distortion developed by Luca Favaro (T.U.) based on a concept by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN). It is distributed by HIDE Productions | H-4. Free download available on the video description of the YouTube here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t7v3gi_Dzo For more devices, fonts, music, samples and more, follow: www.instagram.com/hide.productions/ DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE Productions, 2023

    • Liquid Drums [HIDE DEVICE X05]


      Liquid drums is a series of ready-to-use drum components for Ableton Live. The ensemble is composed of a Kickdrum, Snaredrum, Clap and HiHat. The purpose of these devices is to provide the user a ready to go drum synths with both an easy and intuitive interface and a wide array of synthesis tools. Liquid Drums offers a quick and easy…

    • LiveGrain [HIDE DEVICE RX04]


      LiveGrain is a real-time audio granulator effect that features two independent buffers to record incoming audio and to play it back in a granular stream. Its structure allows for a wide array of uses, from the generation of short and rhythmic delay feedbacks, cloud-like reverbs, up to intense audio manipulations. VIDEO DEMO: 1) vimeo.com/468540209 2) vimeo.com/468540726 3) vimeo.com/468541182 The device…

    • M4L Bundle #1 [X01-X05]

      34.5% 10,5119,99 Original price was: €30,50.Current price is: €19,99.

      This special M4L bundle contains the first 5 devices of the HIDE XSeries. The total value of the bundle is 30,50€, with this bundle you can obtain our first 5 Ableton devices for just 19,99€

    • M4L Bundle #2 [X06-X10]

      24.2% 11,8036,90 Original price was: €48,70.Current price is: €36,90.

      This special M4L bundle contains 5 devices (06-10) from the HIDE XSeries: Gr4imulator [HDX06] Vela [HDX07] BlackBox [HDX08] Krynn [HDX09] Hpeggiator [HDX10] The total value of the bundle is 48,70€, with this bundle you can obtain our first 5 Ableton devices for just 36,90€ Devices are developed by T.U. (Luca Favaro) and Daniele Fabris (Leden) GUI & Design by SY/N…

    • M4L Sound Objects Pack [X11-X13]

      28.6% 2,004,99 Original price was: €6,99.Current price is: €4,99.

      Sound Objects is a double work that reimagines music production, comprehending a set of three percussive max for live instruments and a full album composed with them. The digital devices’ concept exceeds the traditional boundaries to create single instruments that can morph into a wider variety of percussive sounds. Departing from the ordinary concept of isolated instruments with fixed functions…

    • ReTrig [HIDE DEVICE RX02]


      ReTrig is a MaxForLivedevice based on the concept of random voltage triggering found in eurorack modules, its purpose is to generate random and always changing patterns of notes. It behaves similarly to an arpeggiator but instead of repeating notes in a sequence the device holds and retriggers each incoming MIDI Note separately at a random speed, creating a more complex…



      HIDE DEVICE SERIES 05: SIMMER The new and improved Simmer 2.0 is now available, the updated features are: Single [rec] button for a simpler and more fluid workflow; Improved Sync feature that allows for adjustable lengths and quantization of the recordings; With the Midi function the device is now compatible with being mapped to any controller. Simmer 1.5 has now…

    • Slivers [HIDE DEVICE RX03]


      SLIVERS, a granular looper developed by T.U. Slivers allows users to create complex and modulated sonic landscapes from a single audio sample. It uses the new Multi Channel Max/MSP feature to generate and control various property of each single grain (rate, duration, pitch, ecc.). MAX 8 Required – Developed for Ableton 10 & 11. Developed by T.U. (Luca Favaro) GUI…

    • Vela [HIDE DEVICE X07]


      Vela is a granular sampler based on the Pulsar Synthesis program developed and used by Curtis Roads in many of his works. Taking inspiration from Roads’ work, its key features are the masking capabilities and the envelope modulation that allows the user to create movement and direction in the grain streams without having to draw automation or to manually turn…

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