Vela is a granular sampler based on the Pulsar Synthesis program developed and used by Curtis Roads in many of his works. Taking inspiration from Roads’ work, its key features are the masking capabilities and the envelope modulation that allows the user to create movement and direction in the grain streams without having to draw automation or to manually turn dials. Masking is a typical feature of pulsar synthesis and it refers to the ability of muting certain grains inside the streams, either stochastically or with precise ratios and sequences. This technique results in a much larger palate of timbres when used at higher speeds (shorter grains) or in interesting and unique rhythmic impulses at slower ones (longer grains).The modulation section of Vela is built with the intent of providing the user with a direct control on how the modulations inside the device evolve over time. It has an easy to use interface that allows to modulate different parameters through two different envelopes simultaneously and guiding their movement into one singular stream of events.

Developed by Luca Favaro and Daniele Fabris
Design and GUI by Alex Ortiga

Vela is a Max4Live device developed in Max 8 and optimised to work inside Ableton Live.
The core engine has been coded in gen~.
Minimum requirements Ableton Live 10.1.18
Tested in Ableton Live 11.0.12 (Mac and Windows)

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