Liquid Drums [HIDE DEVICE X05]

Liquid Drums [HIDE DEVICE X05]


Liquid drums is a series of ready-to-use drum components for Ableton Live. The ensemble is composed of a Kickdrum, Snaredrum, Clap and HiHat. The purpose of these devices is to provide the user a ready to go drum synths with both an easy and intuitive interface and a wide array of synthesis tools. Liquid Drums offers a quick and easy way to always find the right drum sound for every type of project. Each drum is equipped with fully controllable envelopes (both volume and pitch), different kinds of FM modulation and a LFO section including some exclusive wavetables designed specifically for these devices.

– Liquid Kick
Liquid kick is a kickdrum synthesizer that features 3 independent oscillators, each with their own frequency, phase, volume and pitch envelopes.

– Liquid Snare
Liquid snare is a snaredrum synthesizer composed by a noise source and a sine oscillator with volume and pitch envelope.

– Liquid Clap
Liquid clap synthesizes clap sounds using multiple envelopes on a noise source. The number and spacing of the claps can be choose by the user, with additional controls for tone and decay.

– Liquid Hat
Liquid Hat is an HiHat synthesizer composed by a noise source and an oscillator. For additional sound design possibility the oscillator is being Frequency Modulated, with parameters for both frequency and amplitude of the modulator.

Developed by T.U. (Luca Favaro)
GUI & Design by Alex Ortiga

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