BlackBox [HIDE DEVICE X08]


BlackBox is a M4L audio effect based on an algorithm of real-time granular synthesis. The device implements a bluring and overdrive effect on chain. Some modules for xy parameters’ modulations are integrated.
The core algorithm is implemented in Gen~.
A preset collection is available to guide you into the device’s exploration.

Version 1.0 July 2022
tested w. Live 11.1.1 / Max 8.3.1
Minimum requirement ABLETON Live 10.1.18

instrument design and development by DANIELE FABRIS
graphic and artwork by ALEX ORTIGA
released on HIDE PRODUCTION 2022

Always remember when you pick a M4L device you get more than a mere tool, it’s a bridge for new sonorities and an open structure you can study, learn, customise in codes.
It’s a composition of ideas as an engine to enable creativity.
Thanks who keep supporting hybrid artists researching, experimenting and sharing alternatives.

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