• Aether20 [HIDE_TYPE_20]


      Aether20 is an experimental display font designed by Alex Ortiga and publishd by H-4 | HIDE Productions in 2022. Aether20 originates from the reworking of some key elements of fonts previously developed by Alex Ortiga such as N21 and AON-09. Introducing new sharp and dynamic elements typical of the most acid and minimal retro aesthetics. Aether20 is part of that…

    • Amantide [HIDE_TYPE_14]


      Amantide is a sharp contemporary display font designed by Alex Ortiga as title typeface for his album “Always Moving Under the Surface”. It includes both letters and numbers, every glyph is composed by a single abstract shape. Special characters will be added soon. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2021

    • ANINI [HIDE_TYPE_21]


      Anini is an experimental, irregular and almost illegible font, designed to create decorative and graphic alien manuscript-like shapes thanks to a particular kerning that overlaps and fits the letters in a game of ups and downs. The font contains 26 letters, numbers and some basic punctuation glyphs. Further glyphs might be added in future. Updates will be free for license…

    • AON-09 [HIDE_TYPE_09]


      AON-09 is the ninth HIDE Productions custom font. It is designed by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN). Like almost every other fonts from HIDE Productions it is a semi-work-in-progress typeface. Other characters could be released in further versions. AON-09 follows the concept and the proposal of LARVA Typeface, their purpose is to create a new kind of aesthetic based on the cadence…

    • BLIND [HIDE_TYPE_03]


      “Blind” is a sharp and thin font designed for the logotype of “Blinded” project. Every letter is available both uppercase and lowercase. 0-9 numbers included. UPDATE 1.2: Basic punctation added. Fixed kerning, improved some glyphs. UPDATE 1.3: Krystal variant by KaleiStudio added. Fixed some kerning issues. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2019

    • Evo [HIDE_TYPE_17]


      evo is the brand new font by hide productions, distributed on H-4. It is the second sans serif font designed by Alex Ortiga. evo has 4 styles: regular, oblique, massive and massive oblique. Every style has 100+ glyphs and more will be released in future upgrades. For this font, two different licenses are available: personal and commercial. You can find…

    • FOBYA Variable [HIDE_TYPE_15]


      Fobya is a two axis variable typeface. It is inspired by the shapes of hardcore music logotypes with some influences by both the electronic and acoustic scenes of hardcore music. This font does includes 4 different VARIABLE weights: Fobya TECHNO, Fobya XXX TECHNO, Fobya METAL BOLD, Fobya XXX METAL BOLD. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE Productions, 2021 Design and…

    • H4-Mono [HIDE_TYPE_19]


      H4 is a command line pre-formatted font designed for H4. It is a mono-space font inspired by modern hacker-terminal typefaces. This font includes more than 100 glyphs, capital and non capital letters, special characters, numbers and punctuation. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2022 Before buying, check out our End User License Agreement

    • Haxet [HIDE_TYPE_23]


      “Haxet” is an experimental font, based on some recurring forms derived from AI-generated gothic decorations. The outcome is both elegant and aggressive font, especially suitable for impactful and illegible titles and iconic headers. Further glyphs might be added in future. Updates will be free for license owners. Before buying, check out our End User License Agreement DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED…

    • HIDE Serif [HIDE_TYPE_05]


      HIDE Serif is our first “standard” font. It contains both a regular version and an extreme italic one. It is conceived as our official “corporation” font. It contains 240+ characters: lowercase, uppercase, numbers, special characters, and punctation (120+ for the “regular” style and 120+ for the “brute” italic style). More characters will added in further versions – updates will be…

    • HIDE TYPES 01/20 Bundle

      45.2% 198,20139,90 139,90239,90

      We are happy to share with you this exclusive bundle: all HIDE Productions typefaces (from HT01 to HT20) in a single offer! Purchasing this product you’ll obtain 20 personal licenses for 20 full fonts. (19 released fonts + 1 exclusive unreleased typeface: Sorrow [2019]) The value of this bundle is 234,20€ for personal use and 438,10€ for commercial use. HIDE…

    • HideSans [HIDE_TYPE_12]


      h_prjct [placeholder] #5: HideSans is a custom corporative typeface designed for HIDE Productions by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN). It is a display sans serif font. It is inspired from both old school sci-fi fonts and more modern regular and minimal sans serif typefaces. HideSans includes 275 glyphs (145+ for the “regular” style and 130+ for the “extended” style). DISTRIBUTION IS NOT…

    • Kimera [HIDE_TYPE_11]


      H_prjct > [placeholder] #1: Kimera is the first output of the new hide production product series named “h_prjct > [placeholder]”. Kimera will contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, number and some special characters. The letters are kerned to create a flux of mixed inclined bars and aggressive spiky shapes. h_prjct > [placeholder] – is a corporate-aesthetic project that will bring…

    • Larva [HIDE_TYPE_04]


      LARVA is a new typeface distributed by HIDE Productions. “Larva” is a sharp and almost illegible font, which shapes are inspired to futuristic monoliths. The purpose of “Larva” type is to create a new kind of aesthetic based on the cadence of the sign, and not the meaning of the single glyphs. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2019

    • N—E [HIDE_TYPE_07]


      N—E is a new typeface distributed by HIDE Productions. “N—E” is an extreme and distorted font, which shapes are inspired to GAN generated shapes and meshes. This font is the official typeface of the new SY/IN’s album “New Economy” DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2020

    • N21 [HIDE_TYPE_13]


      h_prjct #6: N21 is a font designed by Alex Ortiga and inspired by Jannis Maroscheck’s Shape Grammars concept. The typeface is designed on a particular squared grid: a square subdivided into 9 smaller squares, the whole grid is also subdivided in the middle by an horizontal line and a vertical line. The verticles obtained with these construction guides are used…



      NEXTYPE is our first custom typeface designed by SY/IN. Nextype is a fresh and decorative font, every letter is available both uppercase and lowercase. 0-9 numbers and basic punctation are included in this first version of Nextype custom font. NEXTYPE shapes were inspired by Japanese kanji. This typeface is designed to be used in a dynamic and decorative way, to…

    • SALIX [HIDE_TYPE_10]


      SALIX is a new custom display font distributed by HIDE Productions and designed by RSS. SALIX was designed during the pandemic period, inspired by the lots of non-pruned bare trees outside, which grew their sharp branches creating such a creepy atmosphere. This font includes uppercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation and also lots of foreign glyphs. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE…

    • SERPE [HIDE_TYPE_06]


      Serpe is a new custom type designed by Alex Ortiga and distributed by HIDE Productions. Serpe is conceived as a maiusc-only title font. Numbers are replaced with symbols which can be used as paragraph dividers or title decorations. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2020



      “Voison” is an experimental font and it continues the aesthetic process of “Aether20”, “N21” and other of H-4 fonts designed by Alex Ortiga. “Voison” tries to push the borders of typography aesthetics however keeping the constructive forms at the base of the glyphs to a minimum. The outcome is a super sharp, abstract and minimalistic typeface. Further glyphs might be…

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