• Wyvern [HIDE_TYPE_16]


      Wyvern is a font designed by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN) for URL_1 software / interactive digital installation developed by Luca Favaro (T.U.). Wyvern glyphs are inspired from traditional korean handwrited symbols and fantasy aesthatics. The family includes 2 styles: regular and cursed. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2021

    • Yakema [HIDE_TYPE_18]


      Yakema is an experimental display font designed by Alex Ortiga and publishd by H-4 | HIDE Productions in 2022. Yakema evokes an immaginary and futuristic graffiti art aesthetic. Alongside with AON-09 and LARVA typefaces, their purpose is to create a new kind of aesthetic based on the cadence of the signs as a whole, and not the meaning of the…

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