Max4Live devices development manager.

Sound artist and musician. – ig: @ _t.u.t.u.t.u._

Luca Favaro is an Italian musician and composer. Starting as a classical percussionist, he approaches electronic music composition finding his roots in sound design, club music and field recording. With the moniker T.U. he has published with False Industries (Berlin), Hide Productions (Milan, Udine) and World Canvas (Helsinki) as well as scoring music for installations (both personal and for others), theatre and ballet. With his dance-focused project Capiuz, Favaro has played various djsets and audio/visual live performances and published his first work, Confined Space, with Prague’s Unizone. He currently hosts a monthly show on radio Raheem called Desktop Music where he explores sound design and generative music through original compositions. As a programmer, he has created various Max for Live devices published by Hide Productions in an ongoing series.

Listen to his latest release on HIDE Productions:


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