Arthur Bdt

Multimedia artist. Musician and mixed media visual artist

ig: @incendie_0

Arthur Bdt is a Berlin-based multimedia artist, performing as Incendie and Arson. He as well manages the label Area Z. While his artistic practice is centered around music, his expressive palette encompasses visual arts such as photography, textile and graphic design and engaged with performative arts in the last months.

On the musical perspective, the artist collaborated with peers over the last years including Blind Delon, The Undertaker’s Tapes or Templer for productions or in live actions with SkuV. He is also engaged in ongoing collaborative projects as ATT.Corp, Human spine or Axes of Fire and of course Burnt Offerings, released on Hide Production last year.

His first solo release as Incendie came up in November via Under My Feet., presenting the core aspects of his sound and influences growing from rock, rap and post-metal in his early years, then later spreading his span to experimental, industrial and club music. Whether on personal or interpersonal levels, this album and its composition were based around the need to face fears and uneasy feelings.

Through his journey, he later developed eclectic taste for music which he pursues to nourish over the years, with current inclinations to deconstructed club and UK sonics as well as discovering traditional music from non-western cultures. The artist currently works around his several musical projects, with a focus on his performance-oriented project Arson into which he dedicates lyrics and thoughts to the concept of identity within an ever accelerating society.

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