Alex Ortiga

Founder of HIDE, H-4 and Delusions.
Art director, type designer, sound and visual artist. – ig: @sy____in

Alex Ortiga is a multidisciplinary artist. His approach to arts and designed is strongly influenced by his hybrid background, in fact he comes from both a technical and IT training and an artistic one. His fields of interest range from painting and installation, to art direction, music production, digital art, design and typography, in an attempt to bring together not only different techniques and media but also different creative fields. In addition to being curator of H-4 | HIDE Productions he works as a freelance art director and designer. Some of his works (from digital art to typography) have been included in publications such as New Aesthetic 2 and 3, Capslock Magazine, Collide24 and others. At the same time he produce music as SY/IN, which in addition to the albums published on HIDE Productions itself, counts collaborations with the labels Rest Now! and Prehistoric Silence as well as several soundtrack works (both for artistic performances and for short films or films).

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