A.R. Leon

Producer and 3D artist

ig: @arleon777

A.R. Leon is a producer and 3D artist from Panama, currently based in Berlin. He creates sound and visuals under the name Laopé (the backwards spelling of a slang word in Panamanian Spanish). This common practice, this act of taking something that has already been changed and then changing it again, ends up making the final result more cryptic and difficult to decipher while, at the same time, more intimate and personal (for those who understand- or chose to understand-the process).
A philosophy that permeates every creative endeavour in which the artist throws himself into, is the attempt at finding the convergence point between the dual nature of life (I.e: the soft and the harsh, the traditional and the modern, the organic and the synthetic, the Latin-American perspective and the European one).
In Music, this is reflected in his combination of traditional Latin-American instruments and rythms with modern sonic aesthetics. This philosophy is meant, not as a means of closing himself from other cultures and perspectives, but as a way of preserving what he believes is a very important part of his identity and to retain a sense of belonging to something bigger and more meaningful than himself.

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