• FOBYA Variable [HIDE_TYPE_15]


      Fobya is a two axis variable typeface. It is inspired by the shapes of hardcore music logotypes with some influences by both the electronic and acoustic scenes of hardcore music. This font does includes 4 different VARIABLE weights: Fobya TECHNO, Fobya XXX TECHNO, Fobya METAL BOLD, Fobya XXX METAL BOLD. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE Productions, 2021 Design and…

    • HideSans [HIDE_TYPE_12]


      h_prjct [placeholder] #5: HideSans is a custom corporative typeface designed for HIDE Productions by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN). It is a display sans serif font. It is inspired from both old school sci-fi fonts and more modern regular and minimal sans serif typefaces. HideSans includes 275 glyphs (145+ for the “regular” style and 130+ for the “extended” style). DISTRIBUTION IS NOT…

    • H4-Mono [HIDE_TYPE_19]


      H4 is a command line pre-formatted font designed for H4. It is a mono-space font inspired by modern hacker-terminal typefaces. This font includes more than 100 glyphs, capital and non capital letters, special characters, numbers and punctuation. DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © Alex Ortiga, 2022 Before buying, check out our End User License Agreement

    • Agonia [HIDE_TYPE_24]


      “Agonia” is an experimental font, based on some recurring handmade shapes. The outcome is both elegant and aggressive font, especially suitable for impactful and illegible titles and iconic headers. “Agonia” features 26 lowercase glyphs, 26 uppercase glyphs, 10 decorative symbols and an essential punctuation. Before buying, check out our End User License Agreement DISTRIBUTION IS NOT ALLOWED © HIDE Productions,…

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